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Fixtures – Reserve Division Two Cup

Reserve Division Two Cup – Round One

Clydach Sports FC  v  Bryn Rovers FC     1   –   8

Resolven FC  v  Cimla FC     4   –   1

Byes:-  Giants Grave FC, Glynneath Town FC, Harp Rovers FC, Mond FC, Tonna FC, Ynysygerwn FC


Round Two

Bryn Rovers FC  v  Ynysygerwn FC     5  –  2

Harp Rovers FC  v  Tonna FC  (Harp Rovers FC  Bye to next Round )

Mond FC  v  Glynneath Town FC     1  –  0

Resolven FC  v  Giants Grave FC    2  –  1


Mond FC  v  Harp Rovers FC

Resolven FC  v  Bryn Rovers FC





Reserve Division Three Cup

Reserve Division Three Cup – Round One

Bryn Rovers FC  v  FC Clydach  (FC Clydach bye to Round Two)

Harp Rovers FC  v  Onllwyn FC  (Onllwyn FC bye to Round Two)

Ystradgynlais FC  v  Alltwen United FC    6  –  2

Byes:-  Clydach CC FC, Cwmamman Utd FC, Longford FC, Mond FC.

Reserve Division Three Cup – Round Two

Clydach Sports FC  v  Onllwyn FC

FC Clydach  v  Longford FC   1  –  0  (Longford FC failed to raise a team)

Clydach Cricket FC  v  Ystradgynlais FC

Mond FC  v  Cwmamman Utd FC  (Cwmamman Utd FC W/O)